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Have you been looking for a chiropractor or medical doctor who is ready to patiently listen to you and attempt to diagnose you via imaging or via another modality to find the root of your problem without wasting time on treatments before sending you out for the imaging and or diagnostics that you may need to help explain the root of your condition?  If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

Whether one has suffered an injury from an auto accident or simply hurt their neck or back while working in the back yard, our medical doctors and chiropractors look at every problem and condition, rule out the worst first, send out for imaging and or a referral, and get to the root of the problem as best we can for you.  Why?  Because everyone is different and your imaging or referral finding from another expert may point us into a different direction of care for you.  This is why everyone gets a specialized plan to fit their condition, your age, and any other factors that may be involved in the equation of helping you to recover from whatever condition is plaguing you.

Some conditions express themselves in a patterned constellation of symptoms such as in a whiplash type of injury after an auto injury or other type of trauma.  But yet, their are other conditions that are not as predictable.  These are the one's that take time  and a good ear on the part of the doctor to get to the bottom of the real problem.  There is no need to have someone go through rehab if imaging is not performed, in some instances.  Other times, it is alright for limited rehab to take place dependent on age and lack of a traumatic event.  Everyone is different and there are many factors that are involved with the treatment and recovery for each and every patient.  

All treatments are predicated upon the doctors review of your medical history along with a physical examination.  Again, every patient is different so the types of exams, treatments, and imaging/diagnostics that must take place will vary from patient to patient.

Our goal is to help you restore your health as best and as quickly as possible.  We do not want patients for life!  We want to help access an accurate diagnosis, send out for proper referrals if necessary, treat you as best we can throughout your rehab, and teach you how to take care of yourself outside of the office so that your condition can be resolved or kept in check.  Of course, we are always there to treat patients if need be, but our goal is great patient care so that your dependency on the office does not exist or is at least kept to a minimum after your treatment has been completed.  Your health is our goal, and  a good quality of life  our mission, for all patients.  This is who we are, and this is what we do; from the staff all the way to the doctors. If you are suffering from pain or from an injury, please call today so your road to recovery can begin now. 

Our offices are conveniently located in Orange City Fl, Bunnell, and Lake Mary.  Each location has medical doctors and chiropractors on staff.