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Personal Injury

Whether you've slipped in the tub, experienced an automobile collision or suffered a mishap on the job, the resulting personal injuries can cause serious pain and other symptoms. You may find yourself unable to work, play, perform everyday errands or even sleep properly -- and many personal injuries have a nasty tendency to get worse and worse until the correct treatment is administered. Fortunately, you've got friends in Orange City, Bunnell, and Lake Mary who can help your body recover from that personal injury faster, more completely, with less discomfort and without surgery or drugs -- and those friends are our healing practitioners here at Apple Neuro & Spine.

The Painful World of Personal Injuries

"Personal injury" is an extremely broad term that refers to any injury sustained by a human body as opposed to property damage or other types of destruction. You can sustain a personal injury from any sudden event or regular practice that damages your musculoskeletal and/or nervous system. The most obvious and dramatic examples typically include situations such as:

  • Automobile accidents - Automobile accidents are notorious for causing whiplash, a serious neck injury that damages the muscles and connective tissues while also producing cervical misalignments that put pressure on nerves and nerve roots. Auto accidents can also damage the lumbar or thoracic spine, especially if your trunk twists beneath its safety restraint.
  • Workplace accidents - Ill-advised heavy lifting at work can cause lumbar misalignment and herniated discs that impinge the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica. A fall from a roof can also severely jar the spinal column,damaging vertebral joints and discs. 
  • Accidents in the home - A slip-and-fall-accident, spinal joint hyperextension or other injury around the house can cause a combination of soft tissue strain, spinal misalignment and neurological symptoms such as pain, tingling or numbness in an extremity.
  • But personal injuries can also occur slowly over time. Many work or sports injuries are not sudden incidents but the result of years of repetitive strain due to poor ergonomics, off-kilter posture and other issues.

Our Clinics Provides Personal Injury Care

Our Orange City team can also apply a variety of  therapies to soft tissue damage and other personal injury issues. Massage, acupuncture and ultrasound are all tremendously effective at banishing pain and relieving inflammation in muscles. Physical therapy and medical treatment can help your body repair itself and regain full flexibility. We can customize a therapeutic plan just for you, so call 386-218-4902 and get the personal injury care you need!