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Carlisi accident and Injury Center it is our mission to provide you with quality physical rehabilitation. Through years of training and experience we have coordinated with some of the top rehabilitation specialists in the region. Our priority is to utilize the skills of these rehabilitation providers when helping you reach your rehab goals. Find out more about what to expect with rehabilitation in Lake Mary, FL, Orage City Fl, and Bunnell.

Top Reasons for Physical Rehabilitation Services

There are many reasons why you should seek out physical rehabilitation services. For example, if you have just experienced a major surgery and need to get back to your full mobility and functionality, rehab can be a great benefit. Individuals who have had sports injuries, such as reoccurring knee pain or new injuries, can greatly improve their health and wellness with rehabilitation. We also help individuals who have been involved in auto accidents. Our rehabilitation services help your body to heal faster, while also decreasing the amount of pain you are experiencing. 

What to Expect with Rehabilitation

Here at Apple Neuro and Spine we use rehabilitation as a way to bypass the need for pain killers and other drugs. We believe in the healing ability of physical rehab provided along with chiropractic care. For instance, we will typically conduct a spinal realignment in accordance with your physical rehabilitation. This helps us to realign your body so to better boost it’s healing ability. Other rehab services that we offer to our clients include acupuncture as a way to improve immunity, while decreasing pain. We also use massage therapy as an ideal method for cutting down on muscle pain and strain. Massage is also great for helping your weakened muscles to heal after injury or illness. Find out more about the services we offer for rehabilitation patients in Lake Mary, Florida by giving us a call today.


Finding a rehabilitation facility in Lake Mary, Florida is a breeze thanks to the convenience of Carlisi accident and Injury Center. As your preferred rehab provider we want to help you improve your physical abilities. Whether you are seeking rehabilitation for injuries or to improve your current physical abilities, we can assist you. Contact Carlisi accident and Injury Center of Lake Mary, FL today to schedule an appointment with a rehabilitation professional. We look forward to providing rehabilitation services for you and your family!